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a criminal investigation to determine where the laws were broken and so targeting the conservative group. the irs admits to the criminal targeting. three years after the complaints began, and probably only because the department of the treasury ordered by congress had investigated the matter and was on the verge of finally making public its findings. now congress is back in the act, big time. multiple hearings are now on the docket. the first was friday before the house ways and means committee, where the first to fall, acting commissioner steven miller was in the hot seat. >> first and foremost as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes we need and the poor service we provided. the effective organizations and the american public deserve better. >> i do not believe parts san ship motivated the people in gauged in the practices described in the report. i have reviewed the treasury inspector general's report and i believe its conclusions are consistent with that. i think what happened here is foolish mistakes were made by people tr
of surveillance while government has all kinds of restrictions. so, there are rules for law enforcement, government, military, but no rules for commerce? >> atick: commerce. no rules for commercial companies. >> stahl: there are in europe, where laws require companies get your consent before they collect your faceprint, but not in the u.s., where regulation is lagging far behind the technology. meanwhile, some of the biggest companies online are busily building banks of faceprints. if you've been tagged on facebook, chances are they have your faceprint on file. google and apple also make faceprints. >> atick: my identity, my faceprint should be recognized as my property. my face is as important as my financial records, as my health records. it's very private to me. >> stahl: what do you mean, our faces are private? we're out in the street. >> atick: absolutely. >> stahl: we're walking around. closed-circuit cameras all over the place. are they really private? >> atick: our faces are private in the sense that my face does not walk around with a tag saying "i'm joseph atick" in the street
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2